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Australia invited into CIOR

Australia invited into CIOR
2017 Summer Congress in Prague produced a landmark invitation for CIOR in its Partnership for Peace and Outreach dimension. The PfP&O Committee presented the official invitation to the CIOR President for signature, inviting Australia to officially join CIOR. Australia previously participated in Observer status, represented by it’s the reserve association and fully endorsed by its MoD. This result has been obtained after numerous exchanges between CIOR PfP&O committee and the Australian association. If the invitation is positively accepted by the Australian association, we look forward to welcoming our newest CIOR member in 2018.

PfP&O committee way forward after 2017 Summer Congress
Welcoming five new members during the Prague Summer Congress, the PfP & Outreach committee comprises now 10 members dedicated to the vision and mission of the CIOR and the PfP and outreach initiatives directed. With five engagement priority categories established in Prague, the committee developed a new country checklist to focus on continuity of historical engagement action, NATO involvement and CIOR participation for each nation. Besides sending the final invitation for membership to Australia to the CIOR Presidency for signature, we benefited from presentations on the country study of Georgia, as well as discussion about all of our prioritized countries from guest visitors to the committee and a visit/discussion from the Norwegian, Slovenian, Austrian and French VPs. The committee also welcomed a presentation by SPIA president and a EUROMIL summary by PfP&O committee member. Both presentations on the two military associations listed above allowed the committee to assess recommendations to the Council for possible future collaboration and cooperation. The committee also updated its web site verbiage to reflect its new vision and direction (not done since 2010). All committee members accepted assignments on country studies and follow-up engagement tasks regarding the Outreach dimension to present/prepare for action at the next 2018 Mid-Winter Meeting.

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