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Reserve Officer Confederation President discusses access to Courses and Exercises with ACT

The President of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR), Bulgarian Army Lieutenant Colonel Dimitar Popov (Reserve) recently visited Headquarters, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (HQ SACT) in Norfolk.

2014-12-02 | CIOR IBM Sofia 2014
CIOR IBM Sofia 2014

The first IBM of the Bulgarian CIOR Presidency took place in Sofia from November 13th to 15th with 45 participants including VPs , ASGs for Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, RSA, Spain, Turkey, UK and USA; Committee Chairs and members.

CIOR PFP and Outreach Workshop in Opatija 2014

The CIOR PFP & Outreach Workshop this year was held on October 15-19 in Opatija, Croatia together with the Croatian ROA with an attendance by 12 participating nations.

2014-10-04 | NATO Security Jam
NATO Security Jam

CIOR Members are invited to express their opinions in this year's NATO Security Jam

NATO Policy on reserves, NRFC and CIOR presented at NATO school Oberammergau

The course was attended by more than 30 senior reserve officers from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, UK, USA and Mongolia.

The 2014 CIOR Language Academy Officially Closed

On August 22nd, the 2014 CIOR language academy was officially closed at the Central Military Club in Sofia, Bulgaria.

CIOR VPs Receive Recognition

President Richard Roll (FRA) decorated with the CIOR medal of merrit COL (R) Chris Argent - VP CIOR UK, LTC (R) Gert Dijk - VP CIOR Netherlangs, MAJ (R) Jan Sjolin - VP CIOR Sweden and BRIG (R) John Delmonte - VP CIOR RSA.

CIOR President presents the Bulgarian presidency team

The President of CIOR Lt. Col.(R) Dimitar Popov presented the Bulgarian Presidency team

CIOR Presidency Transition

During the 67th CIOR/CIOMR/NRFC Summer Congress, carried out from 3rd to 8th of August in Fulda , Germany, Bulgaria took over the Presidency of the Interallied confederation of reserve officers.

CIOR Language Academy 2014 - Lozen, Bulgaria

This is the third CIOR Language academy to take place in Bulgaria for the past 10 years.

VP CIOR Bulgaria Recognition

Colonel (R) Konstantin Popov was awarded by CIOR President Richard Roll with the Medal of Merit of the Confederation.

CIOR’s CIMIC committee focuses on Gender, Women, Peace and Security

Co-operation between civil and military organizations is a key factor for the success of multinational operations, humanitarian relief scenarios as well as stabilization operations.

2014-08-09 | How to care during combat
How to care during combat

During the CIOR Summer Congress 2014, contestants of the Military Competition (MilComp) take up the challenge of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

CIOR's YROW and NRFC lunch

Junior Reserve Officers from 14 countries discussed leadership styles and challenges with three senior NATO National Reserve Forces Council (NRFC) Officers.

2014-08-08 | PRESS RELEASE

CIOR’s CIMIC committee focuses on Gender, Women, Peace and Security

2014-08-07 | Summer Congress news
Summer Congress news

Small news stories from events and activities during the Summer Congress 2014 in Fulda, Germany.

CIOR/CIOMR/NRFC 2014 congress opening ceremony at Fulda’s Cathedral Square

In the afternoon of 4th August, 2014, Eva Kühne-Hörmann, Hesse’s Minister of State for Justice, NRFC chairman General Georges Lebel (France), CIOR president Commander Richard Roll (France), CIOMR president Colonel Olaf C.K.M. Penn (Netherlands), as well as General Peter Schelzig, Germany‘s Vice Chief of Defence opened the 67th summer congress in Fulda, Germany.

Prepared for Crisis Management Operations - Education, Training & Exercise – with Reservists

Following the 2013 Summer symposium on employers’support, the 2014 edition explores the preparation for crisis management with reservists According to SACEUR, General Phip M. Breedlove, “the art of crisis management adresses a developing crisis before it escalates into a conflict”

Emotion and remembrance for the 70th Federal Commemoration of “Operation Walkyrie” in Berlin.

On July 20th, 2014 the President of CIOR, Commander (R) Richard Roll, was invited by the Foundation of the 20th of July 1944 as Guest of Honour to the Federal Commemoration of the military coup against Hitler’s dictatorship, 70 years earlier.

From the Military Committee of NATO - CIOR president reports on activities

On July 3rd, 2014, the President of CIOR, Commander (R) Richard Roll and the Chairman of NRFC, Major General Georges Lebel were invited to report on their activities to the Military Committee of NATO at the NATO Headquarters. The presentations were very well received by the Chairman of the Military Committee and bythe military representatives of the NATO nations, providing additional evidence of the importance of the Reserves for NATO and its member nations.

CIOR MilComp 2014 was tested

Friday and Saturday after Easter the German organizers of the CIOR MilComp 2014 tested the facilities and briefed the supporting staff at Infantry School Hammelburg.

2014-07-01 | Study of Employer Support
Study of Employer Support

The BRNO Summer Congress with Employer Support, has generated excellent academic material by the NATO Defence Academy in Rome. In this context, the Swedish (SVEROF) originated study of Employer Support, touches upon a key area to CIOR, having the Summer Congresses 2008 and 2013 in mind.

Not only do NATO forces benefit from the skills and experience you all bring from your civilian roles, but Reservists also take back their military experience to their civilian employment in industry, business and other working environments.

Feedback from the Young Reserve Officers (YRO) Seminar in Brno

When I was invited to attend as an observer the CIOR Young Reserve Officers (YRO) Seminar in Brno, I first thought that it would be interesting to see who the young reserve officers of our ROA are, and what kind of training this seminar might offer.

2014-05-10 | CIOR Newsletter 2/2014
CIOR Newsletter 2/2014

Find the CIOR newsletter 2-2014 / Veuillez trouver le bulletin 2-2014 de la CIOR.

Spring Meeting of NATO reserve officers

On April 11 and 12, CIOR NATO reserve officers convened at the Headquarters of Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ RRC-FR) in the citadel designed by Vauban in Lille.

Visit to Sweden by CIOR President

The Swedish Federation of Reserve Officers (SVEROF) was favored by a visit from the CIOR President during the two most intense days of March 24 & 25.

Food for thought about the reserves by General Philip M. Breedlove, SACEUR

In his inspiring address to CIOR and CIOMR members, General Philip M. Breedlove, SACEUR, outlined two major aspects of NATO's recent evolutions: ...

2014-02-16 | CIOR Newsletter 1/2014
CIOR Newsletter 1/2014

Find the CIOR newsletter 1-2014 / Veuillez trouver le bulletin 1-2014 de la CIOR.

Opening speech of the Deputy Prime Minister Pieter De Crem

NATO HQ, February, 6, 2014 : Opening speech from the Deputy Prime Minister Pieter De Crem to CIOR at the MidWinter Meeting 2014.

MWM 2014: A successful launch!

The official opening of the 2014 MWM of CIOR and CIOMR at NATO Headquarters in Brussels was marked by excellence. Two outstanding speakers, General Philip Mr. Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), and US Europe Commander (EUCOM), and M. Pieter De Crem, Belgium Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, took turns ...

CIOR NATO Geopolitical Seminar 2014

The general topic will concern “Security through Crisis Management” from NATO Strategic Concept set up at the summit in Lisbon; crisis management being one of the two main working streams introduced by the present French Presidency of CIOR.

2014-01-18 | From the CIOR President
From the CIOR President

With the year just starting, I would like to look back at the CIOR year 2013, with all its accomplishments, challenges and fruitful interactions.

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