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Thanks to our committees, our working groups and their members

Photo: Henry Plimack (USA)
We are these days entering the beginning of the summer and in just a month we will meet in beautiful Denmark for the Congress. And from august France is taking over the Presidency as well. 
In April we had our IBM outside Oslo and the initial work on the Output Management is getting to an end and will hopefully be a good tool and help to assist the committees in their work and priorities.  Thanks to all involved in this important work.
Most nations have in recent years suspended conscription and have today a professional army.  There are however, as mentioned in the previous newsletter, indications that this move will be reversed a little, reference General Bartels speech in the MWM and SACEUR support and belief in the reserves in his video presentations.  NATO has now finalized and approved their key military policy document on reserve issues, MC 441. This is a paper I recommend all to look into as it gives the reserves a good 'raison d’être' in the future, maybe also on a national basis.  
It is not only economy driven but also the fact that reserves possess qualifications needed and not always present in the military establishment.  In addition the basis for maintaining our role in ”our own” MC 248 is preserved.  The revision will hopefully be finalized this summer. 
Since the last newsletter the Gaminger Initiative had a meeting in Austria, and the Czech Republic arranged the Liberty Cup, both carried out successfully.  Before the Summer Congress we will have the language course, also in the Czech Republic, and the CIMIC Exercise in Denmark, both in July, the latter the week before the Summer Congress.  The International Advisory Committee arranged their second annual meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, in May, and 22 nations were represented.  It will be of interest to see how this organization develops and to what degree we will find areas of common interest and cooperation in the future.
In mid July I will give my presentation to the Military Committee in HQ NATO.  In addition we will send an updated report.  
In Copenhagen Cyber Issues and Post-Deployment issues will be on the agenda for our Symposium.  Our Danish hosts presented an update of the congress at the latest IBM and just confirmed that this will most likely be a splendid arrangement.  
I wish to repeat my regards and thanks to our committees, our working groups and their members.  It is here the CIOR output is coming from; it is here our added value is created.  Unless manned with engaged and qualified people we will be a social club, nice in itself but not interesting for our surroundings and stakeholders, the ROA's.
Again, I encourage you to check out our Activity Calendar, our website and newsletter and take part in activities offered.  
See you in Denmark.  
Captain (R), Royal Norwegian Navy, Jon Erling Tenvik

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