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NATO reservists hold working session at Gendarmerie Nationale HQ 15th to 17th november 2012

Answering a joint request from Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and NATO Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC), the French Presidency of CIOR organizes a working session on the following themes : “Reserve Forces and Smart Defence / Connected Forces Initiative” and “Employer support to Military Reserves”.

CIOR President and NRFC Chairman were on a visit to Bulgaria

The President of CIOR Commander (French Navy Reserve) Richard Roll was on a visit to Bulgaria on 21st and 22nd Oct 2012. (Photo : (left) Minister of Defense of Bulgaria Lt. Gen (ret) Anio Angelov. and (right) Commander (R) Richard Roll).

2012 PfP and Outreach Committee Workshop in Leptokaria-Greece

Sunny Leptokaria, a small town in the feet of the legendary mountain Olympos , gathered over 50 reserve officers from Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Romania, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy and USA for the 2012 Partnership for peace and outreach workshop (16-21 October), organized by CIOR and hosted by the PanHellenic federation of reserve officers.

CIOR President visits NATO school in Oberammergau

Invited by NATO school in Oberammergau, Major-General (rtd) Georges Lebel, chairman of NRFC and Commander (French naval reserve) Richard Roll, CIOR President presented their respective organisations to the senior reserve officers’ course.

From the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

I am pleased to congratulate the French CIOR Presidency Team and wish the Board Members success in all of their endeavours. I look forward to seeing the results of your work and salute your efforts on behalf of NATO’s service members.

From the French Minister of Defence

Given its outstanding representativeness, its commitment to generate new ideas and its international structure, CIOR has all the assets to constantly develop the interest of NATO and of each of its members in the military reserve. Its roadmap is almost traced by today’s busy agenda of world events. I therefore wish CIOR and its French Presidency, ambition and work, worthy of its capabilities and of the need it will have to fulfill.

CIOR Newsletter 3/2012 released

Find the newsletter 3/2012 in the newsletter archive.

The 2012 CIOR Symposium: focus on new challenges for the Reserve

As every year, CIOR organizes a one-day Symposium, which takes place on the first day of its Summer Congress. This Symposium aims to broach international topical questions in the civil-military field, by focusing particularly on the role that reservists can play in the fields studied.

2012-08-14 | YROWS: Leadership Rocks!
YROWS: Leadership Rocks!

A team of junior reserve officers from NATO-member defense organizations learned about the six leadership styles during a professional development workshop at this week’s Summer Congress of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR), hosted in Denmark.

Teamwork gives results in the Military Competition

"I have tried many sports – this one is the most brutal by far!" Corporal Tim Ilsemann is a member of the German squad and competes as an athlete with eleven other German comrades in 4 teams at the annual CIOR competition.

A new presidency for the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR)

France relieved Norway from the CIOR Presidency on the last day of the CIOR Summer Congress in Copenhagen on 3rd August.

Handover of the CIOR Presidency this week

Captain (R), Royal Norwegian Navy, Jon Erling Tenvik, has been President of CIOR the last two years. He is now elected as President of the Norwegian Rerseve Officers Association.

SACEUR Summer 2012: Video message to CIOR

Message from SACEUR, Admiral James G. Stavridis (US) to the CIOR community for the CIOR Summer Congress 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2012-08-02 | Summer Congress news
Summer Congress news

Small news stories from events and activities during the Summer Congress 2012 in Copenhagen.

Mass casualties put stress on CIOR competitors

Blood and screams from victims of a suicide bomb mingled as the Combat Casualty Care (3C) competition took place in Høvelte north of Copenhagen as part of the CIOR/CIOMR Summer Congress.

CIOR CIMIC concentration defined key issues in future CIMIC

For the first time, the CIOR Summer Congress contains an isolated CIMIC-activity. The combined CIMIC seminar and exercise held just north of Copenhagen from Friday to Monday, ended with a lot of lessons learned by most participants.

Access all areas – with CIOR

In 1985 Germany and the United States initiated a bilateral exchange program for reserve officers. A delegation of 21 German reserve officers attended on the 28th German-US reserve officers exchange program in July.

Summer Congress in Copenhagen next week

Together with Danish Defense, the Reserve Officers Association in Denmark has the pleasure to welcome CIOR, CIOMR and NRFC at the congress in Denmark. The Congress will be held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, from Monday, 30th July to Friday, 3rd August, and will take place down town Copenhagen at the new and modern Tivoli Congress Hotel.

Thanks to our committees, our working groups and their members

We are these days entering the beginning of the summer and in just a month we will meet in beautiful Denmark for the Congress. And from august France is taking over the Presidency as well. In April we had our IBM outside Oslo and the initial work on the Output Management is getting to an end and will hopefully be a good tool and help to assist the committees in their work and priorities. Thanks to all involved in this important work.

CIOR Newsletter 2/2012 released

Find the newsletter 2/2012 in the newsletter archive.

Numerous CIOR members participated in Security Jam 2012

The report on NATO's "Security Jam 2012" has just been published. The importance of this March biennial online event, co-sponsored by NATO, with active participation of renowned international organisations, VIPs, and think tanks, cannot be overstated.

2012-04-20 | NATO's Chicago Shuffle
NATO's Chicago Shuffle

The Chicago shuffle is a jazz beat which requires a drummer to play both hands together at the same time at different beats. NATO leaders meeting in Chicago on 20-21 May 2012 will find themselves having to perform the political equivalent of the Chicago shuffle - finding a way to do more with less with no clear agreement over priorities.

Speech to CIOR by Chair of the Military Committee

Video of speech given by General Bartels, chairman of the NATO Military Committee at the CIOR Mid-Winter Meeting on February 9th 2012 in NATO Headquarters.

Message from the CIOR President

Dear All. I wish first of all to thank you for a very productive Mid Winter Meeting (MWM) last month in Bruxelles. We have, in my humble opinion, achieved quite a lot, but we can of course improve further. There is however a balance between the demand for quality and structure of our governance and output and the fact that most of our members do this during their free time, without any compensation and some even pay their own expenses for attending our gatherings.

CIOR Newsletter 1/2012 released

Find the newsletter 1/2012 in the newsletter archive.

2012-03-18 | What YRO do!
What YRO do!

Several months have now passed since we said goodbye to more than 50 very engaged junior officers in Warsaw. In the meantime, the YRO (Young Reserve Officers) Committee has worked to identify lessons learned and to improve the concept of YROW in order to deliver an even better product in Copenhagen in 2012.

SACEUR February 2012 : Reserves can play a very important role

For the Mid-Winter Meeting (MWM) 2012 in Brussels, the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR), Admiral James Stavridis (US), sent a video message to the CIOR community.

Reserve officers bring new aspects to the military

“Reservists match perfect as they bring in the combined knowledge of the business and military world. Thus reservists are decisive.” With this statement General Knud Bartels, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, emphasized the important role of reservist to the armed forces and welcomed the around 200 delegates of the CIOR at their Mid Winter Meeting.

2012-02-10 | Summer Congress 2012
Summer Congress 2012

The 65th CIOR Congress and the 66th CIOMR Congress will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 30 July to 4 August 2012.

Partnership for Peace & Outreach (PfP & O) Workshop Tirana, Albania

From October 26th to October 30th 2011, the PfP & O Committee held its yearly workshop. The 48 workshop participants enjoyed the hospitality of the Albanian Armed Forces as this year’s PfP & O workshop took place in the Albanian capital, Tirana.

2012-01-31 | The CIOR/CIOMR Connection
The CIOR/CIOMR Connection

CIOMR gladly accepts the invitation of CIOR to contribute to the “CIOR Newsletter” and looks at it as being a rather logical consequence of us being “brothers in arms”.

Promoting international security through cooperation

The 23rd annual CIOR Winter Seminar will be held at the conference center of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Schloss Eichholz, Wesseling, near Bonn, Germany, from 5 to 8 of February 2012, and will also this year be about the NATO's Strategic Concept, with focus of Promoting international security through cooperation.

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