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CIOR Presidency message

Composed of associations of volunteers, supported by national defence ministries, CIOR is a forum second to none in the world. It is this very identity of CIOR that we, French Presidency team, have the duty to preserve and develop.

Our committees are indeed a remarkable professional development tool for reserve officers. The French Presidency of CIOR will seek to further focus on producing content mainly through its committees, with a particular focus on themes of resilience and crisis management.

These themes will have to be addressed through concrete deliverables, in a professional format: summer symposium, qualifying training programs, committee papers. Targeting the dissemination of such products, in particular in electronic format, will be our priority.

Communicating on the work done at CIOR and its events is also a must. Our expertise needs to be recognized and we need to continue to reach out to the outside world through quarterly newsletters and regular postings to the website.

Cooperation with the international military staff of the Alliance will continue, leveraging our CIOR permanent representation at NATO. My yearly presentation of CIOR achievements at the Military Committee of NATO is also a great opportunity for fruitful discussions, and a tangible evidence of our links with the Alliance. Cooperation with Allied Command Transformation (ACT) will also be developed.

Excellent relationships with the chairmanship of the NATO National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC) are visible signs of balanced cooperation between CIOR and NRFC, with a view to increased effectiveness, keeping in mind each organization’s specifics and added value. Synchronization between CIOR and its sister organization, the Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR) will also continue.

Both the Alliance and its member nations are facing profound changes, and the world of defence needs the reserve more than ever.

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